mega realty expo 2017

Realty Expo Living India News Channel now brings you Mega Realty Expo – the largest exposition for Real Estate and Investments in the Northern Region. A first event of its kind, Mega Realty Expo is being held from 28 – 29 October in Hotel Mountview, Sector 10, Chandigarh.

Mega Realty Expo will feature exhibitors representing the entire Realty Supply Chain:

  • Project developers and project managers
  • Investors and financiers
  • Real estate consultants and agents
  • Architects and planners
  • Corporate real estate managersv
  • Expansion managers
  • Economic regions and cities

The statistics of success at Mega Realty Expo

Spread over an area of 32,000 sq ft., the expo will witness 52 top notch companies from Real Estate and Investment sectors exhibitors which will present their wares to around 10,000 participants who are expected to visit the event. The event will be covered extensively by regional and national media. Its concurrent Conference program will feature speakers with expertise in different fields including RERA & GST.

Leading B2B platform
Mega Realty Expo comes with a separate B2B platform that offers you the ideal conditions for efficient networking. You can use exploit the uniquely comprehensive opportunities it offers for orientating yourself and take a sounding of the market.

International and National experts for the entire supply chain
At Mega Realty Expo, you will find potential business partners for every stage in the real estate life cycle: from idea and conception through investment, financing, realization and marketing to operation and use.

A RERA & GST conference program with its finger on the pulse

Our pioneering conference program on RERA & GST and discussions, industry experts discuss current trends and innovations in the real estate, investment and financial markets.

Mega Realty Expo


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