ONLINE LIVING INDIA: The newly launched Google’s Files Go will assist the Android users to search file swiftly and share the files with desired people and that too without spending any mobile data. The app is available globally in beta version. With Files Go, Google has also announced a variety of new features and apps which are tailored keeping in mind the Indian Android users. For the low-end phones with less than 1GB of RAM, google launched the new Oreo Go edition.

The apps share similarity with  Apple’s AirDrop and let the users share files between Android devices (at speeds up to 125Mbps) and that too without costing mobile data. Additionally, by using goggles mobile vision technology, the app will suggest which files the users should delete like unused apps, duplicate files, low-resolution videos, and memes. Primarily the app will be built for the Go edition devices but is not limited to it and work with any Android devices running Lollipop (5.0) or higher. According to Google, an average user is saving around 1GB of space by

Files go homepage will give the details about the storage amount on your devices and how much space is used by different apps. The apps recommend you unused apps on the phone to help free up some space. If an app has been not used for 30 days or apps with a large cache of unimportant file audio, video or any duplicate file, Google will alert you these apps and would recommend to taking action against these apps.  

Google is moving its attention to the Asian market due to high numbers of internet users. only India has more than 400 million active internet users.


Angad Sadana