Chandigarh: The gods certainly seem to be angry with Haryana BJP President Subhash Barala. Even as the controversy regarding his son Vikas Barala’s involvement in Varnika Kundu stalking case refuses to die down, Barala himself has become embroiled in a strife of his own.

The state BJP chief has been staying in Government House No 74 in Chandigarh’s tony residential area of Sector 7. The fact came to light after the Chandigarh police pasted a notice for Vikas Barala at this address. But what is wrong with Barala staying in the house? Afterall, it is a government property in Haryana CM pool and the government is free to allot it to any state functionary it deems fit. Things would have been fine, but for the fact that the said house has not been allotted to Subhash Barala. As per official records, the house is allocated to the Political Advisor to Haryana CM, Deepak Mangla and no one else but Mangla is supposed to stay there.


As per a Haryana government notification of December 2015 about regulations governing allotment of government houses, such accommodation cannot be shared or sublet by the person to whom it has been allotted. In case the person to whom the house has been allotted, Deepak Mangla in this case, is found to be subletting or sharing the premises with someone else, he is liable to pay a rent of 50 times the market rent for the property besides being liable for disciplinary action.

Subhash Barala has been allotted a Government flat in Panchkula as his official residence, which is being used as BJP office.

Incidentally, it was Barala’s son Vikas Barala who gave his address as House No 74, Sector 7, Chandigarh to the police when he was arrested for the first time.

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