Is Baahubali movie’s Mahishmati kingdom for real?

Mahishmati Kigdom
Mahishmati Kigdom from a scene of Baahubli Movie.

Bahubali: The Beginning and Bahubali:The Conclusion movies have created new records with box office collections. SS Rajamouli directed both Bahubali movies. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka, Tamannaah, Ramyakrishna, Satyaraj and Nazar played main roles in Bahubali movies. Mahishmati lies at the core of both Baahubali movies. Bahubali was the king of Mahishmati. After the grandeur depicted in the movie, everyone wants to know more about Mahishmati. Well, you will be delighted to know that indeed a city named Mahishmati existed in ancient India (The kingdom depicted in the movie is totally fictional though). Here are a few historical records of the kingdom:

Where is Mahishmati Kingdom?

Mahishmati was located in Madhya Pradesh state of Ancient India. Ujjain was the capital of the northern part of the Avanti kingdom and Mahishmati was the capital of the southwest of Avanti Kingdom. The city of Mahishmati occurs in many epic stories. There was also a claim that ‘Haihayahs’ named five tribes ruled the Mahishmati kingdom. In the book ‘Historical Geography of Madhya Pradesh from Early Records’ by P K Bhattacharya, it is also said that there is a possibility that Karthaveeryarjuna who ruled from Mahishmati may be the King of Haihayahs.

‘Hariwansh’ written in the Sanskrit language also says that there was a kingdom named the Mahishmati Rajya in history. According to the book, Mahishmati is a descendant of the King Mahishmati – a descendant from the Yadu. There is another argument that the ‘Muchukunda’ Mahishmith was one of the creator of the Mahishmati kingdom.

The city of Mahishmati is also mentioned in the book ‘Raghuvansha’. Raghuvamsha tells us that the Mahishmith area was also called as ‘Anupama’. According to the ‘Hariwansh’ and ‘Raghuvanshi’ literature, the city of Mahishmati is not close to the Narmada River and that it was located near the Rewa River in the highlands.

Mahishmati in Mahabharata:

The city of Mahishmati is also in the Mahabharata. Before the Pandavas came to power, Nila named king was ruled Mahishmati kingdom as per Mahabharata. Nila king’s daughter loves the fire god(Agni Deva). The fire of God actually tried to attack on Kingdom mahishmati but Nila arranged marriage with his daughter. After that The king of fire became protector for Mahishmati. The Pandava king Yudhisthira attacked on Mahishmati kingdom and The fire of god became driver for Yudhisthira’s vehicle in war. This is also the place in the ‘Vishnu Purana’ about Maheshmati.

According to the history and epic books, there is the Mahishmati Kingdom. mahishmati had the forests and waterfalls. It was evidence about war for Mahishmati kingdom. There is no information about Baahubali movie Mahishmati kingdom either inspired by Ancient mahishmati or not. But Vijayendra Prasad made history with Mahishmati named kingdom.

Mahishmati Empire Shares Its Name With This Ancient City in Central India

According to historical records, Mahishmati is a city likely to have been located in central India, what is now the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city finds mention in numerous records as well as tales, which suggest that it was a capital city and an socio-political centre.

It is believed that Mahishmati was a part of the Avanti kingdom, an ancient Indian janapada. Puranic records suggest that Avanti was split by the Vindhyas into two parts—while the capital was Ujjayini, located in the north, Mahishmati was the headquarters of the Southern part. Though historical accounts and stories offer conflicting views, the city is considered to have been the erstwhile capital of the Haihayas, an ancient confederacy of five clans that ruled over large parts of Western and Central India.