Bhopal: A school teacher Narayan Ahirwal withdrawn Rs 1,000 from his account through an ATM and he was shocked to see that ATM dispensed new Rs 500 notes without any serial number here on Tuesday.

Rs. 500 notes
Two notes of Rs. 500 does not bear any serial numbers

Sanjay Asati, another Damoh resident, was behind Narayan in the queue, he too withdrew two Rs 500 currency notes and they too did not bear the serial number. Soon, there was an uproar among the people.

Someone called the police and the ATM was sealed for some time.

“I went to the nearest SBI branch, about a km away from ATM, and showed the notes to the officials but they refused to exchange them”, said Narayan.

Though the bank manager did not talk, branch employees told us to give them in writing about issue, Asati said.

This has not happened for the first time in Damoh, In the last one week, four such cases have happened including the two on Monday.