Chandigarh: Whether it is on account of self-interest or ideology, the vagaries of electoral politics often lead to situations where family members end up on the opposite sides in the fight for power.

In Punjab’s Sunam constituency, Rajendra Deepa, an independent candidate is in fray against his brother-in-law Aman Arora. While Deepa is contesting as an independent candidate, Aman Arora is fighting on a AAP ticket.

Interestingly, both candidates were earlier part of the Congress party. While Aman had chosen to go with the AAP sometime back, Deepa once again turned rebel in recent days after being denied the Congress ticket from the constituency.

They are unfazed while talking about their relations in public. When asked, Aman Arora said, “Unfortunately he is my Jija. Everyone is free to contest elections. My fight is against the wrongs being done to the public. He has been a perpetual Congress rebel and he will be doing in these elections what he has been doing in the past.”

Rajender Deepa had contested elections as an independent candidate earlier as well, which led to the loss of official Congress candidate.

Replying to the same question, Rajendra Deepa said with a smiling face, “Yes Aman is my younger brother-in-law (Sala)”.

Meanwhile, the voters are least amused by this contest. “We have so many issues here. We don’t know why the Jija-Sala are fighting against each other. We will elect the one who we feel is capable of representing us,” said a voter.

The other prominent candidates from Sunam include Daman Thind Bajwa of the Congress party and Gobind Singh Longowal from the Akali party.